Entry #32

My first post in over a year!

2010-09-05 22:50:50 by Dragonberry

Wow, it has been too fucking long since I've been on Newgrounds. After realizing how terrible I was at animating, and realizing that I'd never be a forum mod, I kind of just gave up on NewGrounds. I figured if I wouldn't get anything out of it, that it was a waste of my time. But I've been rather bored lately, I've alienated most social networking, so I believe this is a return. An update on myself, I am now a senior in high school, I will be graduating in the beginning of June. And to think, I first started going on new grounds in 6th grade! I attended Comic Con International 2010, and met our great friend Tom Fulp. :) Well that's it for now, see you later. Oh, and you can get hella cool stuff for just a bit of your time here: http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin128 5074077

My first post in over a year!


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